Major software solution implementation projects often end too abruptly in order to respect constraints in terms of time, budget or available resources.

After a while, leaders realize that the investment is not necessarily generating the return they had hoped for. At times, not enough focus is placed on user training, resulting in inadequate use of advanced features. Or a lack of basic tools such as reports or analyses may result in an inability to obtain the desired information in a timely manner or in the desired format.

Realisys therefore proposes optimization projects to its clients to maximize the return on the investment they have made on business and software solutions.

Such projects consist, for example, in working with your team to review your organization’s business processes and scenarios towards suggesting improvements in the following areas:

  • Re-engineering business processes;
  • Application solution (changing parameters, modifications, etc.);
  • Presentation of information generated upstream and downstream;
  • User knowledge.

While in line with our principles at all times, the mandate’s duration and scope are determined in accordance with your needs and your requirements.

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